Beowulf vs odysseus essay

beowulf vs odysseus essay

(115). We have seen that it is typical of the Odyssey that the hero is met on the shore by a female figure. A hero is someone who goes above and beyond what is required to help someone in need. One might characterize them as a difference between a culture inspired by morality and a culture inspired by individualism.

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They share at least one traditional story pattern. The monsters in Beowulf are quickly targeted and destroyed because of the harm they cause to society. 6 I am reminded of the story of the rescue of the maiden in some Yugoslav oral-traditional epics. There is a certain degree of boastfulness and self-certainty in both that can be seen either as endearing or rather conceited. 1, there are surely many similarities both in essence and in detail between the folktale and this part of the Old English epic. Odyssey pattern under consideration could be thought of as a duplication of the great shipwreck in which the remnant of his companions was finally lost, just before his arrival at Ogygia. Odysseus, regularly uses cunning, guile, and superiority of intellect to overcome obstacles. .

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