Cloning disadvantages essay

cloning disadvantages essay

While some scientists argue that cloning will change the world into a better place, other scientists are having second thoughts whether or not it is worthwhile. Disadvantages: *it can significantly hamper the much needed DNA diversity in human beings. Conclusion, people should choose whether they want to be cloned or not. When talking about human lives, lines must be drawn, but where? Cloning is said to be a life -saving mechanism. Every person is unique and there is no circumstance that could influence this fact. How does it benefit us, as humans, and whether or not it is worth all the money that is put into research? Cloning creates so many questions among the scientists. Go here to subscribe for free and download the episodes straight to your phone, tablet, or computer.

It is also said that clones eat less and as a result excrete less. It may be possible that many cloned species walk on the street along with us and we are not even aware that how many of them are actually present. Cloned plants are used on a large scale to beautify the environment and the plants grown from cuttings are also clones because they are actually genetic copies of the original.

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A number of religious organizations are against the concept of cloning because they are of the opinion that life begins at conception. Development of New Illnesses, when you are creating entirely new forms of genes, you run the risk of also developing new illnesses and diseases. Cloning: A Policy Analysis. A wide range of genetic diseases can be averted through cloning. Clones would feel as though they are not as much of a human as other people. People should stay people no matter what. By allowing man to interfere with genetics in human beings, cloning raises a concerning probability of deliberate reproduction of undesirable traits in human beings, if so desired. The God has made us as we are. Introduction, cloning is the last thing one should do, if it goes about the health or death. There are some reasons while people make the decision to get their clones. An important question that arises is that how is a clone produced? Anyone who is in need of an organ transplant is placed on an excruciatingly long donor list.

cloning disadvantages essay

Cloning can result in creating DNA diversity between human beings. The DNA of the clone and the child may fail to match. A Further Divide In todays world there is already quite a bit of divide among the people. Whether it be what race you, what language you speak, or how much money you. Essays Related to Cloning : The Advantages.