Radu rusu phd thesis

radu rusu phd thesis

hossein resalati, antonio dourado and ahmadreza zahedi tabarestani Contents The effect of laser inkless eco-printing on the carbonized microstructure of paper 101-108 jinxiang chen, lina. Vidyarthi, Dharm Dutt and. Zeng Contents Modification of spruce sulphite pulp by cellulase treatment Pages 187-194 daria poshina and evgeny novozhilov Contents Concurrent optimization of the mechanical and electrical properties of polyaniline modified kenaf paper Pages 195-202 saiful izwan ABD razak and noor fadzliana ahmad sharif Contents Improving the. Popa, Contents Support vector machine combined with genetic algorithm for optimization of microwave-assisted extraction of polyphenols from spruce wood bark Pages 203-213 roxana-elena ghitescu, silvia curteanu, camelia mihailescu, irina volf, florin leon, andrei. Mini-review Pages 599-611 iuliana spiridon Contents Lignin by-products of soviet hydrolysis industry: resources, characteristics, and utilization as a fuel Pages 613-631 mikhail. Upadhyaya Contents Anatomical, morphological and chemical characterization of lignocellulosic by-products of lemon and sofia grasses obtained after recuperation of essential oils by steam distillation Pages 83-94 harjeet kaur and dharm dutt Contents Monitoring of kraft pulps swelling in water Pages 95-102 martina botkova, stefansuty, michal. Haghi Contents Radial variation in wood static bending of naturally and plantation grown alder stems Pages 339-344 majid kiaei Contents Two proposed nanoindentation procedures for mechanical characterization of microlaminar structures present in cellulosic materials Pages 345-351 emilio rayon, juan lopez and marina. Murzin Contents Volume 43 (2009) Issue 9-10 - Volume 43, Issue 9-10 October-December Contribution to the historical development of macromolecular chemistry - exemplified on cellulose Pages 351-378 Peter Zugenmaier Contents Accessibility and supermolecular structure of cellulose Pages 379-385 Michael Ioelovich and Alex Leykin Contents Influence. Zaikov Pages 105-107 Anniversary of Prof. Haghi Contents Novel cellulose and starch-based materials Pages 425-443. Simionescu and marek kowalczuk Contents binding OF bile acids BY cellulose-based cationic adsorbents Pages 11-17 jurgita kazlauske, kristina ramanauskiene and jolanta liesiene Contents improving THE yield OF trimethylsilyl cellulose BY activation OF cellulose with ethylenediamine Pages 19-23 aijian HE, daorui LIU, hongmei tian, yongcan JIN.

Cellulose Chemistry and Technology

radu rusu phd thesis

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Panaitescu, Contents A study of the influence of crosslinking degree on the physicochemical properties of gelatin microparticles Pages 721-726 cristina dinu-pirvu and simona ivana Contents Lignin removal from aqueous solutions using Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles as recoverable adsorbent Pages 727-734 seyed mohammad mostashari, shahab shariati and. Thapliyal and sanjay naithani Contents Influence of operating conditions in sodium hydroxide and anthraquinone pulping on the morphology of cellulose fibers of tagasaste Pages 765-775 alfaro,. Mostafizur rahman, jannatun nayeem, shamim ahmed and. Mehandjiev, Contents Pulping of corn stalks assessment for bio-based packaging materials Pages 645-653 ANA-maria chec, raluca nicu, bogdan marian tofanica, adrian catalin puitel, roxana vlase and DAN gavrilescu Contents Preparation and application of organophosphorus dimers as antimicrobial agents for bagasse packaging paper Pages 655-662 mohamed. Gradinaru Contents Volume 49 (2015) Issue 7-8 - Volume 49, Issue 7-8 July-August editorial Pages 561-563 Elena Bobu Contents Impact of renewable materials in packaging for sustainability - development of renewable fibre and bio-based materials for new packaging applications Pages 565-574 position paper from cost. Sarwar jahan and. The determination of kinetic triplets Pages 681-697 bojan.

Trivedi Contents AC conductivity studies of p-toluenesulfonic acid doped polyaniline-sodium alginate composites Pages 21-28.T. Rousu, mikko karjalainen, KAJ.