Love for motherland essay

love for motherland essay

the love she professes to have for her husband in a given moment. It is pure grace in the mothers mind which is instinctive and never artificial that makes her divine. I also favor some other countries, but my heart belongs to the United States of America! Motherland is my home, my childhood, my family, my friends, place where I born and grow. Some people live in big city. I think that my village is marvelous. The point is that I do have the right to say things like that for the reason that the Constitution of the United States of America enables every American to avail of his rights and many other opportunities. In the beginning of 17 century the Old Believers began to land this beautiful place. He asks the mother: Mom, what is this, how does it grow? Every person have own small motherland.

love for motherland essay

For all the how, what and why wise parents respond calmly, patiently and accessible to the childs mind. Just look at the brightest examples of marvelous American citizens! Other attributes adorn her and extol this aspect of motherland. From the very childhood, every child contemplates the world around him.

If you asked me if I love my country, I would be very surprised. Tarbagatai was founded in 1766. It is this natural grace of motherhood in a woman that finds the first mention in the Sahasranama (thousand names of Devi) as Sri Mata. Each cartridge is more expensive than the last piece of bread. To my mind, every individual who now serves (or who has ever served in the USA Army) is a true hero!