Bless me ultima symbolism essay

bless me ultima symbolism essay

their room. This is also the place where Antonios brother becomes distracted by the girls at Rosies house, the local whore house. The water of the river represents the sins and impurity of the town itself. Antonio will have to reach it himself, but Ultima points him in the right direction and protects him even after her death. He is expected to understand God, because his mother dreams for him to become a priest. It is secluded and it contains none of the sins or blood of the people in town. When the mob of Tenorio and his friends came to the home of the Marez to kill Ultima, the owl sounded an alarm and warned everyone of the oncoming danger.

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bless me ultima symbolism essay

Antonios friends and a wild group of boys who curse and fight. "I hoped that in a few years the symbolism of the glass menagerie essay taking of the first holy communion would bring me understand 77). His dream in to move to California. I think this shows that Antonio feels a deeper connection to nature and the golden carp than he does to God and traditional values. Also he uses imagery to explain the beauty of the llano the Spanish America. "Bless Me Ultima.". When Antonio becomes worried about Florences soul, Samuel suggests that the golden carp might be a better god Florence.

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bless me ultima symbolism essay

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