Pro factory farming essay

pro factory farming essay

slaughter house. The chicken will grow so big due to the hormone that their bone cannot support their weight, therefore causes leg problem which in result of bone disease. The bad conditions that the animals live in breed disease and illness within the animals. 1 following 2 answers. Although EPA is regulating Factory Farms, it has done little or nothing to control environmental damage caused by Factory Farms. Review of Main Points. Do the pros truly outweigh the con in this industry? Considering all these arguments, I think the factory farming should be allowed to produce meats and eggs.

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Hurting Farming Community, the family farm has been nearly wiped out in the.S. The 5 states with the largest flocks average at least 750,000 per farm. They are packed into incredibly small areas, often indoors, and fed additives in order to fatten them. Now that youve become aware on how Factory Farms affect us and how we allow them to continue on this destructive path. Now that we all know the cause and effect of Factory Farming our next step should be to maintain a clean environment, clean water and healthy livestock, to maintain our healthy well-being.

Thesis: As stated by the Food Water Watch Animals in Factory Farms are loaded with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, are mistreated and forced to live in unnatural, in humane, and unhealthy conditions, and the many communities that have to deal with air and water pollution caused. The Average size hog Factory Farm increased by 42 percent over a10 year period and 7 states average more than 10,000 hogs per farm, also egg operations has grown by half over the same amount of time. Therefore, costumers could buy meat into lower prices on supermarkets. Transition to Conclusion and Summary of Importance. This attributes to land, water, and air pollution in the surrounding areas.