Essays on violence affects society

essays on violence affects society

out of 5 loading). Therefore, if violence is anti-social, then they will never behave in a violent or aggressive way, unless they are inclined to the anti-social behavior because of some reasons (Machlis Forney, 2010). As a result, children are also vulnerable to the impact of violence on television (Moy,., 1999). Unfortunately there isnt one single result, there is only an array of supposed answers to this undying question. This will instill violent thought patterns that will make children more familiar with violent tendencies.

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essays on violence affects society

Should we tell people what they can or can't read or watch? In a 1993 film, The Program, there was a scene showing college football players lying in the center of a highway in an attempt to show their courage and dedication to their sport. A lot of these books reinforce this, make it sort of normal to think that the world is a place in which violence can erupt at any moment" (Gray 54). Today, the impact of television on the audience is still significant that raises the public concerns about the possible negative impact of television violence on society (Machlis Forney, 2010).

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However, the television violence does have the negative impact on society because people see violence on the regular basis. They are much more likely to hit, punch, kick, and grab to get their way. When asked why he did it, he indicated that he got the idea to kill Lennon from. This movie was later blamed for inspiring real-life imitators; (one of whom died). If they see violence on television over and over again they start believing that violence is a norm and comprises an integral part of their life. One must seriously consider the idea that the movie studios are targeting a younger and easily influenced main audience. It is also hard to believe that movies like Rambo III with one hundred and six killings and Terminator 2 which showed countless killings plus a nuclear holocaust have at one time had their own line of children's action figures even though both movies are.