Essay on nature and scope of political science

essay on nature and scope of political science

political science. He says that political theory is concerned with political belief systems. This article sets the context for the subsequent discussion on the various aspects of political science and its relevance to the modern political economy. For balanced and overall progress of society a thorough and penetrating study of society is essential.

Political science is a study of human and political behavior, all aspects of politics that contributed to the society. Hence we can define political science as an empirical discipline dealing with shaping and sharing of power. This sufficiency laid the foundation of secularisation of politics. The large scale application of scientific methods and sophisticated tools has brought about sea change in the study of the subject. There is no doubt that the functions and behaviour of all the above noted organs are changing with the change of time and attitude of men. Government is not the sole concern of students of comparative politics. It also includes the ethical and moral values of society. Even political science borrows its method of analysis from other subjects.