Ready made clothing and tailoring essay

ready made clothing and tailoring essay

it require further modification. It has its own identity. Fashion, fashion is a style that is accepted and used by the majority of a group at any one time, no matter how small that group. Design is the process of selecting and organizing different elements in order to fulfil a specific target in terms of design.

Essay On Ready Made Clothing - Growthgate Capital District Writing Pre-Test Assessment - English Language Arts (ELA) A Ready-Made Business: The Birth of the Clothing Industry

Mass fashion is the bread and butter of the fashion banquet! As for them, clothing is just a basic necessity and therefore wasting time on it is not worthwhile for them. However, if the style can appeal to a broader audience, it is generally copied, mass-produced, and sold at lower prices. There might be people who like trying but due to lack of resources they are not able to. Style, way, manner, mode, method and approach are the common terms associated with fashion. The term fashion used in this book is in a narrow sense: fashion here means the style or styles of clothing and accessories worn at a particular time by a particular group of people. Bottom up theory This theory states that the movement of fashion starts with consumers on lower-income levels, then moves to consumers with higher incomes. One can rightly give the example of Princess Diana whose style of dressing was an example for quite a few. Clothes are compressed into half-ton bricks, bales that might contain shirts off hundreds of human backs. Clothes remain artifacts in continual flux.