Magnetic research paper

magnetic research paper

is intended for scientists and is somewhat technical. Handling, storing, and shipping of ammonia requires costly equipment and special precautions because of its inherent corrosiveness and toxicity. The conventional approach has been through fields generated by electromagnets, which require large amounts of current, are bulky, and severely limit the applications of magnetic materials. Powerful new way to control magnetism. In sharp contrast, conventional electromagnets typically need hundreds of watts of power consumption to generate such a magnetic field, Sun said.

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As part of this research, Sun began investigating a new group of composite materials, known as multiferroic composites, five years ago. "The compact and nearly passive electric magnetic control of magnetism could lead to more compact wireless communication systems and radar systems with significantly reduced power consumption and longer battery life. The journal encourages greater interaction between the basic and applied subdisciplines of magnetism with short but comprehensive review articles, a rapid publication channel with "Letters to the. Researchers at Utrecht University have gained new insights into the structure and function of a protein complex that maintains the outer membrane of a bacteria. Recommended for you, cost-effective method produces semiconducting films from materials that outperform silicon. November 30, 2010, Northeastern University, a study of the electric field control of magnetism was named one of the top 10 papers of the past decade by Advanced Functional Materials Photo by Lauren McFalls. An introductory section goes over the basic principles of geomagnetism and magnetoreception. Benefits to authors, we also provide many author benefits, such as free PDFs, a liberal copyright policy, special discounts on Elsevier publications and much more. A team of scientists at Rutgers University has found a material in which an electric field can control the overall magnetic properties of the material.

magnetic research paper

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This paper is intended for scientists a nd is somewhat technical.
There is no advanced math, but there are some.
An exciting new paper on the measurement of force between magnetic monopoles has been published in the Nature Physics academic journal.
Ieee Transactions on Magnetics is a peer-reviewed, archival journal in science and.