Adnan syed argumentative essay

adnan syed argumentative essay

not match Adnan, to the dozens of soil samples taken from his clothing, shoes, car, and room, which returned negative results for matching soil from Leakin Park. Wilds inconsistencies and constant and compulsive lying with his stories makes it less credible but no one questioned. There was also no serious consideration of Wilds as a prime suspect. We have other witnesses who saw him on his way to track practice, meaning the time between when he was seen by McClain and by the time Lee was intercepted is largely accounted for. But no soil from Leakin Park was ever found in Lee s car in tests conducted by the Baltimore Police crime lab. This is attributed. There was lack of soil evidence proving that Syed was at the Park where Lee was buried. One way or the other Adnan is likely to come home soon, but Ill continue to work with investigators until we make it clear to the world that he is innocent of this terrible crime. As it stands now, Adnan Syed is an innocent man. Jay is a ceaseless liar.

adnan syed argumentative essay

The state argued the cell records could be used to track Adnans movements and back up Wilds story, pointing in essay about life by filipino author particular to two incoming phone calls to Adnans phone around 7pm that night, both of which pinged a cell tower that covered the area where. He lies for attention, and he lies to divert attention. Investigators should pay particular attention to points in a narrative at which the speaker shifts to inappropriate present tense usage." We see this in even the first seven statements in Jays interview. He is no longer convicted of any crime but remains charged with the murder of Hae Min Lee, just as he was before trial in 1999. He will remain innocent until and unless the State of Maryland can prove his guilt all over again.

This is at the heart of things for me: Jay is a fabulous liar. The police could have built more of a case against Jay him, but did not. And then we must all challenge the state to reopen the investigation into the murder of Hae Min Lee. Wilds is responsible for the death of Hae Min Lee. Adnans attorney at trial never caught this information, for whatever reason (including the possibility that the state didnt give it to her).