Whey dissertation

whey dissertation

in selective fractionation of a specific protein fraction, Because the fouling alters the selectivity of the membranes. From the study it was found that polyvinyledene fluoride membrane with a molecular weight cut off of 50 kDa operated at a transmembrane pressure of 207 kPa pressure resulted in a-La yield.27, a-La/p-Lg ratio.4 and overall flux.46 liters per. In order to realize the true functional, nutritional as well as economic value of these specialty whey protein fractions, it is essential to process the whey into pure/enriched protein products. In addition to this, a study was conducted to develop a foam fractionation process for the recovery and enrichment of whey proteins.

Overall flux, yield and purity of a-La and a-La/p-Lg ratio were used as the parameters indicative of the process efficiency. Copyright 2009 Chenchaiah Marella. The results of this study indicated that production of a commercially viable a-La enriched WPC is possible and the developed process can be used to meet the world demand for a-La enriched whey protein. Library of Congress Subject Headings whey dairy processing foam fractionation separation, description, includes bibliographical references (147-161 format application/pdf. From these results it is clear that a-La can be selectively enriched at pH of4.65 while P-Lg can be selectively enriched at a pH.3. The overall flux, combined yield and the combined transmission of a-La and ß-Lg were selected as the parameters indicative of the process efficiency.

This Dissertation is brought to you for free and open access by the Iowa. Fig ure 2-2 Production of milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate, and. It has been accepted for inclusion in Graduate Theses and Dissertations. High Pressure Processing of a Whey Beverage to Reduce Pathogens. Effect of Whey Protein and High-Volume Resistance Training on Muscle Mass.

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