Essay on concealed carry on college campuses

essay on concealed carry on college campuses

the University of Nevada had not allowed concealed weapons to be carried on campus. The group has given me the information to write to my state elected officials to encourage concealed weapons on college campuses, which I have done. However, each fifty states have their own laws and regulations on conceal carry and its extent of legalization, although concealed carry should be legalized throughout the United States. Each group has their own reasons for their action and belief. Inside these rights is the right to bear arms. In the case of the room having only two doors, your only option is the door that the gunman didnt enter through, which is likely on the same side of the lecture hall. Nineteen of the thirty-two victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy were of or over the age of twenty-one which is the minimum age to receive a concealed weapons show more content, in March 2012, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that the University of Colorados policy. But, nics is also not foolproof.

Just sit down and listen is not a good idea or good method that can help our residents in the real life. So what needs to change in order to prevent crimes like this on other college campuses? However, if the lisecense holder is responsible and caring, they could actually make others feel at ease knowing that a responsible US citizen could protect them in an emergency.

You glance at the table next to you and see a handgun showing from under a persons coat. Classroom attendance may drop because students would not come to class out f fear. Mesa Legend also conducted an online survey with the question: Would you feel safe if it were legal to carry a gun onto college campuses? But, sccc claims that sgfs has ignored the fact that in the absence of metal detectors and X-ray machines at every campus entrance, students already have no way of knowing who is carrying a gun.

Concealed carry on campus would do well for the common good. Mesa Legend 13 (2011. How could something like this have been prevented? Concealed carry should be allowed on college campuses. Gale Louis Gerdes In Context.